I’m Evans Okoro

I’m a copywriter and digital growth strategist passionate about helping brands and creators build profitable systems, reach larger audiences, and convert them into paying customers.


I was a broke university student trying to make money online. So I spent weeks researching and found out about Upwork, at that time, I set a goal to read about 2-3 books every month. And I started to post what I learned on LinkedIn. I managed to grow my audience on the platform to 4k+ followers in 3 months.


I got hired by a Copywriting agency from LinkedIn and freelanced on the side. From Upwork, I made over $40k in about 18 months, which may not seem like a lot to you, but it was a very big deal for me.


I decided I wanted to take a break from Upwork, so I spent another few weeks researching how to increase my earnings. I decided to learn about Twitter growth to build an audience and build some sort of authority. I did that, and by the end of the year, I was at 10k followers.


I wanted to expand further, so I started a podcast and interviewed 7 figure ghostwriters, solopreneurs, and fitness coaches. I decided to start a Twitter ghostwriting agency, and I got about 5 clients in just 8 weeks. I helped one grow from 2k followers to over 30k followers in 3 months and helped another generate tons of leads for his CPA business.


I started an 18-month master’s program in Marketing. I had to pause taking in new clients as it was quite difficult balancing work, school, and adjusting to a new country. Towards the end of the year when I felt somewhat settled, this blog was created to share insights on marketing, copywriting and freelancing.

“Evans has a wisdom beyond his years, which he encapsulates in his simple and fluid writing style. I am continually impressed by his work ethic and growing strength as a writer.”

Alex Mathers