Twitter Growth Hacks for Personal Branding by Evans Okoro

26+ Twitter Growth Hacks for Personal Branding in 2024

Are you looking for Twitter growth hacks for personal branding? Most people associate authority with larger followers and engagement numbers. It’s the game, and while the Twitter engagement has been shaky since the new boss took over, you can still grow on the platform and build authority for your personal brand. And although some strategies no longer bring the same results they used to, these tried and true strategies are sure to grow your personal brand.

Before the new bosses took over, I went viral severally, gained 35k+ followers in 4 months, and basically had a great time on the platform.

My growth and engagement slowed down this year, and although I’ve had one of the busiest years of my life, I couldn’t engage with Twitter as much as I did when I got that massive growth spurt. Coming back into the platform in mid-2023, I still experienced some growth, thanks to the growth hacks I will share in this post. 

Twitter Growth Hacks for Personal Branding in 2024

Whether you plan to start a copywriting business or become a fitness coach, a Twitter following is great for building authority. I have seen accounts with less than 1k+ followers reach monstrous numbers. With these tips I’m going to teach you, if you can apply them for 6-12 months, you’ll see your Twitter numbers grow.

1. Engage with People 

The new world order on Twitter is comments. 

The days of just writing tweets alone and moving on are gone. You need to engage with people. My goal at 0 followers was to get at least 25 comments daily. I set out time in the day to comment on the posts of bigger accounts within my niche. 

But there’s a right and wrong way to comment. You don’t want to be the guy commenting “yes”, “well said”, and “absolutely” all over the place. Your comments should add value to what has already been said. This way, your post gets liked or retweeted by the original tweet author. 

2. Split Content 50/50 

What I mean is 50% value and 50% personal. 

We are in the era of personal brands. People want to know who you are so they can connect with you. You don’t want to be the guy sharing 100% value content. I’m sorry, but that’s boring. The fastest-growing accounts and the most authoritative guys on Twitter have cracked the 50/50 rule. 

Talk about your wins and losses. Let people see how you got from A to B. We humans love stories, so give people what they want. According to Dan & Chip Heath, a study was conducted on how storytelling influences memory recall and engagement. The findings of their study revealed that after a presentation, only 5% of people could recall specific statistics from the event. In comparison, 63% of attendees could remember the story told by the presenter.

3. Build Lists

Twitter lists are necessary. 

You don’t want to engage with just anybody you see on the timeline. You want to focus on authorities within your niche. 

Creating a list makes it easy to have them in one place. So, create one with 20-30 people and go crazy with comments. As they like your content, you’re exposed to their massive audience. 

4. Find a Niche

It’s common to get stuck at this point.

Freelancing has exposed me to a lot of niches. So, trust me, I know the dread of being unable to decide on a niche. But I’ll tell you how. 

Stop thinking so much about it, and write about the first thing that interests you and you feel will help someone. As you write, your audience, through their engagement, will show you what they’re more interested in, and then that’s what you should focus on. 

Side note: Your niche is YOU. Stop looking at what everyone is doing and talk about your interests, what you’re working on, and what you can teach. What I do is, when I read a book, I find out what lessons I can share, and that’s it. 

5. Create Spaces

Spaces are the fastest way to gain authority and followers.

I kid you not; I had a Twitter ghostwriting client in 2022. She was in the crypto niche, and while that may be difficult to scale, she was one of my fastest-growing clients.

She went from about 2k followers to over 30k followers in 3 months. It was beyond impressive. It was a mixture of optimizing her profile (which I’ll talk more about) and showcasing her authority in crypto when she talked on Twitter spaces. 

It helps if you know something and well…content to back up your claim. If you don’t, you can discuss your interests – football, music, basketball, anything. Not everything has to be marketing, tech, or startup. Elon shares memes so you, too, can talk about your interests. 

6. Don’t Argue with People

This may not necessarily be a growth tip, but arguing with people is useless. Imagine using the time that could be used to learn something new or create more content to argue with @buddy99 (if this is a real person, I’m sorry)

Some people will simply not get you. Some people will dismiss your opinions, but please learn to ignore them for the sake of your mental health. And this brings me to my next point…

7. Befriend the Block Button

No, block buttons are not rude. They’re for your peace. I have had my fair share of people hellbent on misunderstanding you and trying to negate the simple points you’re trying to make.

It can be tempting to argue…because of the bloody ego, but that’s a waste of time. Instead, hit the block button and proceed with your life. 

8. Tweet as Much as Possible

I know some guys who tweet as much as 20 times daily (not counting comments). They live on the platform. But they get rewarded for their dedication with engagement and money from the Twitter partner program.

Some people use automation tools like Hypefury or Tweethunter

9. Stand Out With Humour

Nobody finds anyone without humour interesting. You would listen to a podcast from Elon Musk over your college professor because one has a humorous edge and spills theories and facts, which can get boring.

A sure way to do it on Twitter is to have a tagline you repeat every time. Ed Latimore talks about crack, Aaron talks about his mullet, and Eddy Quan talks about his love for watermelons. It can be anything. The end goal is not to come off as robotic. 

10. Make as Many Friends as Possible

I’ve gotten the most value on Twitter from the friends I’ve made on the platform. 

We bounce ideas together, promote each other’s content, and act as accountability buddies.

Trust me, you cannot do Twitter alone. You need subcommunities outside the platform. So, how I make friends with these people is, after leaving tons of comments on their posts after weeks, I move things to the DMs. 

It’s also worth noting that it’s way much easier networking with people within the same follower count as you are because you would hardly get DM replies from 100k+ accounts unless you know them personally or are their mentees. 

11. You Don’t Need to Be an Expert (At Least Not at First)

Imposter syndrome has limited tons of people in that regard because they believe you have to be an expert in a field before you can share value on Twitter. But honestly, you don’t need to.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a strategy I use is when I learn something new, I write a tweet or two about it. The good thing is that everyone focuses on the messenger, and the more value you provide, the more people see you as valuable. And that’s how expertise is formed. 

12. Play the Long Game.

There will be many algorithm changes—some periods with crazy engagements, some with dismal engagements. Twitter is like everything, riddled with ups and downs, but you’ve got to ride the wave.

Forget about who shares their growth milestones. It can rub off on you, especially if you’re not growing. 

Focus on doing the basics consistently and develop a long-term mindset. This way, it becomes difficult to quit.

13. Build Your Email List…From Day 1

I didn’t start to grow my email list till after I hit 50k followers, and I regret that every day. But that’s okay because at least I started growing at some point.

So, develop a lead magnet, swipe file, or anything else, and promote it daily on your best-performing tweets. Here are some creative newsletter name ideas.

14. Pay for Retweets

I don’t care what anyone says, but paying for retweets is a great way to increase your exposure, especially if you’re trying to promote an offer. Not paying for retweets is the same as running a business and not running ads. Some people don’t, but I don’t think it’s wise.

So, find someone famous in your niche and simply reach out to them. Although some people don’t accept this because it is illegal (to an extent), those anonymous accounts run RTs as a business. So, reach out to me. However, those have a more diverse audience.

Twitter Growth Hacks for Personal Branding

15. Learn Copywriting

Every digital writer should learn copywriting. Unless you enjoy being a starving artist, you should learn copywriting. This will make your writing more persuasive and help you make money. 

I recommend reading Scientific advertising and Copywriting handbook. 

Here are 10 more copywriting books you can choose from

16. Leave “W” on People’s Celebration Tweets.

I know I said you should always add value to people’s posts as a comment, but people will always share celebration tweets after they hit a milestone or quit their jobs and now make $50k a month from their agency. The right response should be “W.”

You should learn Twitter lingo, which is a common one. 

17. Learn About Human Psychology

It is necessary to understand humans to communicate with humans. So, grab all the psychology knowledge you can get and focus on it religiously. This will improve your engagement and make you more influential in the Twitter community.

18. Threads Get You Followers and Clients

Daily Twitter threads and promotions from bigger accounts were responsible for helping me gain followers and ghostwriting clients. People enjoy associating with valuable people. And long-form Twitter content can help you achieve that. 

But what should your threads be about? You should write about your wins and losses, your expertise (something you just learned – brief confession: I used to go on YouTube every morning to find something new for my threads.

19. Use Your Sob Story

We enjoy the underdog stories, where someone comes from a seemingly tough situation and turns their lives around. We eat those stories, and we will continue to eat them.

You may think you haven’t got any sob story. You haven’t quit smoking. You still watch porn. You still drink every weekend. You haven’t quit your 9-5 (like everyone claims to do on the internet), but that’s okay.

I’ll be honest with you. You can use anything as a sob story. You can share how you gained 200 followers, can now do 20 pushups, and can run 2 miles without stopping. People just want to be a part of your journey from point A to B, and that’s it. 

20. Write for Your Younger Self and Learn From People Ahead of You

See yourself as a retailer who goes to the market to buy information at wholesale and comes to your local community to sell what he has bought to those around him (without access to the information) for a profit, which is engagement and authority.

This mindset changes everything. Trust me, you will never run out of ideas if you look at things this way. 

21. Post Short Selfie Videos.

The rise of the personal brand has befallen us. Thanks to AI and those anonymous brands, there’s so much generic content out there. People have grown numb to them. So, to stand out in these times, it is necessary to create short-form selfie videos.

What do you talk about? Well, I’ll tell you. Find your best-performing tweet or thread – it could be from months ago, and talk about it. 

It’s the same message, but there’s your face and voice this time. This further creates trust. 

22. Buy Courses That Have Some Sort of Community

I don’t know if you know yet, but the digital space is pay-to-play. You won’t do so well if you try to do everything yourself. Courses with communities grant you access to people who have been there and surpassed your goals. 

I know some people who paid as much as $6,000 for a coaching program to gain access to someone. That’s the game. You must invest in yourself, which will positively impact your growth. 

23. Have a Life Outside of Twitter.

As a content writer or creator in general, the quality of your content depends on the quality of your life. So read books, travel, eat good food and just enjoy life. People will be attracted to it and want to know more. This is how followers are built.

24. Have a Spice of Controversy.

The world is filled with structures, and our mindsets fuel these structures. Whoever is bold enough to see the cracks in these structures and has a different mindset from the mob will gather attention. 

This attention includes a mixture of hate and love. The ones who somehow find meaning in what you do will gain a cult following, and the hate will eat the one who is too scared to stand his ground. 

If you take this approach, it’s even more important you have an email list because the mass media detests people with such ideas, and your engagement may get throttled, so build that email list!

25. All These Won’t Matter if You’re Not Consistent.

You can read all the tips the internet has to produce, but it won’t amount to anything if you can’t stay on the path.

The first 3 months will feel like you’re tweeting to a wall. We’ve all been there. But the good news is, it will go by if you adopt the right strategies. 

26. Pin Your Best-Performing Tweets at the Top of Your Profile

You want always to put your best foot forward. People love to see big numbers, and pinning your best tweets to the top of your profile communicates some sort of value to your visitors.

Another strategy is to pin your achievements and personal stories so readers are greeted with your message immediately they come in.

How can Growing a Twitter Audience Improve your Personal Brand?

Twitter changed my life – the money Twitter community, to be specific. It did a lot for my personal brand. I’ve enjoyed speaking with some of the best minds through my podcast. I even got interviewed for my first radio station interview because of a thread I wrote. Plus the affiliate income from my email lists and the ghostwriting clients I’ve gotten.

It has opened many doors for me and has changed my mindset by a mile. It can do the same for you, but you must work. 


I’ve been growing my audience and have helped several clients grow their audience in the past two years by learning what works on the platform. While different accounts and niches require varying strategies to grow, one thing is certain: these Twitter growth hacks for personal branding work, but you must stay the course for it to work for you.


how do you check Twitter growth?

SocialBlade is a good tool to check Twitter growth, as it gives you a more comprehensive view of your daily growth and helps you compare your growth with your competition.

Why Twitter is good for marketing?

Twitter is a great tool for marketing because of its reach and large and diverse daily active users. Plus, with the repost feature, your content can be easily shared, thus increasing your exposure. 

What are the best Twitter growth tools?

You want to focus on tools that help with tweet ideas and automation. Tools like Tweethunter and hypefury are great for this. 

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